The Future of Car Maintenance is Now Here!

A seamless experience for owners to maintain their vehicles conveniently and worry-free.

Why use Jom MyServis?

On call assist and advise

Timely service reminders

View and track historical service and repair

Online booking of service/repair appointments

Access to over 150 authorized panel workshops nationwide

Pick-up and drop-off service

Periodic vehicle inspection

Guaranteed service price package - Service and repair cost management

Peace of mind when travelling

Telegram forum

Benefits of Jom MyServis

Seamless Experience

Seamless experience for vehicle owners - providing reliable and trustworthy assistance and advise.

Eliminate Fear Of Unscrupulous Workshops

Assist and advise vehicle owners on concerns and fears of workshops for vehicle repairs and servicing.

Online Portal

One-stop automative service, repair and maintenance online portal.

Workshop Listing

A platform with a listing of workshops in major cities and towns across the country.

Record Maintenance

Maintain and track all service service and repair records.

What's Jom MyServis?

THE online portal for all your automotive needs!

If you own a car and it’s out of warranty (above 5 years), here are some common questions you will be asking yourself...

Where can I service or repair my car?

Is the workshop trustworthy?

Will I be overcharged for the service and repair job done on my car?

If I’m out of town and my car breaks down or some indicator lights comes on, what should I do? Which workshop can I go to?

I thought I had my brake pads replaced recently. How come so soon need to change again? Or... when was the last time I had my car battery replaced? This is especially important because most of the time, somehow car battery just dies on you when you are rushing for time or parked outside somewhere.

How can I keep and monitor my service and repair history? This is useful especially when you want to sell your car. It gives the potential buyer an extra peace of mind when they want to buy your car, right?

Jom MyServis is a seamless experience for owners to maintain their vehicles conveniently and worry-free.

You can download, edit your own profile and input your own vehicle details. Jom MyServis empowers vehicle owners with control over their vehicle maintenance needs. With access to more than 150 panel workshops nationwide, you can now book your service or repair appointment online.

It is a digital platform connecting vehicle owners and automotive workshops wherever you go, nationwide.

Keeping you safe is our top priority


Convenience at your fingertips and service you can trust. That's what Jom MyServis is all about.